Short note

I used to think that being unloved by the one you love most was the worst feeling. Now I realize it is knowing that you hurt the one you love and what’s done is done and you can’t do anything about it.

Rage Monster anger

SOOOOO… I have horrendous anger issues. I thought it was just me angry and everyone gets anger but I just got angry more often. Since my diagnoses I’ve come to realize it is because of BPD. This is the part of me and the part of BPD that I have the most trouble controlling. IContinue reading “Rage Monster anger”

Emotions and how they work into my BPD experience

Why is it that I feel so strongly? Its awful. Before this, I was a emotion repressing demon. I felt things of course, but I dug them deep deep down into the dark caves of my mind. I never acknowledged them. I was one of those depression is stupid I can overcome this alone withoutContinue reading “Emotions and how they work into my BPD experience”