Help others

Donate and Help others!

Helping others in need is always a wonderful thing to do. Especially if you have Borderline Personality Disorder! Sometimes we get so caught up with our problems and emotions, that we forget about people around us. Here’s are some places and people that could use some help!

Help Lilly

Help Lilly The Doggo through some unexpected medical bills!

Help Emilia

Help Emilia (Me) somehow get through life with some help pleeease!

Help The Team

This is a fundraiser for a film production about Homosexuality

Help Pay BPD bills

Hey! I (me) need help paying for my own DBT and regular therapy bills as it is SO DANG EXPENSIVE!!!! Please help me out, I don’t have insurance.

Help Luca

I dont know Italian (I should though lol), but I do know when I see a picture it can say a thouhsand words. Help Luca, this poor kid is fighting for his life

Help Peter

Help out Peter. He is in a very similar situation that I am/was in. He needs some help paying for mental health bills after being hospitalized,

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