Advice from friends

This is the part where I impart the advice that has been given to me from you all or others, and give it back 🙂

You can show them you care for them, by giving them space.

-A friend

Find someone easy to love. A lonely friend or family member, someone who would be really happy to have your kindness, love and energy. It feels so good and easy, and it reminds you that you are important and valuable.

-A friend

Its going to be ok. It wont feel like this forever. Right now it seems like it will last eternities, but it wont.

-A friend

They aren’t your real friend if they abandon you. You didn’t deserve them. While people need space at times for their own health, if they full on cut you off without explaining, they aren’t a real friend. A real friend is with you through thick and thin. they will communicate if it gets too be too much, but never leave completely.

— A. Alvarez

Going through this is hell. It hurts. No one can handle the mood swings. But one day, whether it be family, romantic, or friend, there will be someone to stay. Do everything you can to better yourself then they will see. Old friends will see what they lost and will try friend you again. BUT you will find new close people with your better self. There is nothing you can do but better yourself and wait and hope. Make an effort for others, but forget about yourself!

—A Friend

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Adulting is hard. But it happens and you have to deal with it the best you can. Adulting is evil and of the devil, but it can also be magical like a unicorn.

-M. Ellis

You will hurt me one day, and I will hurt you. The important thing is how we address this issue.

– A. Alvarez

If you love it, let it go. If it comes back, it was meant to be.

-A. Alvarez

That is their problem. You did not make them do anything. They make their own choices and decisions. They choose to act like this, and sometimes it isn’t fair, but it is their decision.

– A friend

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