The positives of BPD

Lately I have posted a lot about BPD leaning toward the negative side. How about some positives? There are positive quality traits to someone who has BPD too! Even if you are untreated, you still have these symptoms and qualities!

People with BPD are extremely loving. Our emotions are all consuming and to the extreme, and that includes positive emotions as well! Even if sometimes our hardcore love creates our downfall, don’t get discouraged! This positive quality isn’t for everyone and certainly not the faint of heart! Our love for others is so great and intense that sometimes it hurts, like any emotion, but it certainly is better than anger!

We are so passionate! Whether it is about subjects or people! We work hard and do and learn everything and anything we can that we like. Our emotions are so deep and that makes our passion so great in size and fantastic. We can see if people are hurting even if they hide it.

Having BPD means we are creative. So so creative. We see things and patterns that other people miss. BPD produces great musicians, artists, and dancers. being adventurous and sponanious is also a great part of creativity!

We adapt incredibly well to different and strange situations. This makes us amazing problem solvers! We can see the ins and outs, the good the bad. Fast and hard is our way afterall! we never half-ass anything, especially our problems! We are incredibly motivated when we put our heads into it.

We are strong and brave. We are so extremely resilient. This is our best quality I think. The stuff we have to go through, the crap we have to put up with from people and the stigma, and the amount of emotions and BPD stuff we have to process is incredible.

We got this. We are good people. We have our flaws, but doesnt everyone?

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