Is BPD developed or not?

There is still a debate whether BPD is something you are born with, or if it is developed. Personally I think mine was developed, what do you think for yourself?

Did these happen to you for BPD to have been developed in your lifetime?

  1. Experienced abandonment or abuse when younger
  2. Neglect as a child
  3. Struggled in school
  4. Had inconsistent and undependable people in your life
  5. STrangers were often around and not uncommon growing up
  6. When you had an emotional bond with a person, they left, broke it, or betrayed you
  7. Parents or caregivers abused alcohol or drugs
  8. Saw parents or caregivers act aggressively to others
  9. Had parents or caregivers act aggressively toward you
  10. Chaos and crisis were common in life and at home
  11. When the house is quiet and calm, you feel bored, empty, and spiritless
  12. When the house is calm you felt anxious or afraid and on edge
  13. Left alone for hours or days
  14. Parents or caregivers out with boyfriends or girlfriends constantly
  15. Growing up, you felt like no one cared or even watched you. You were on you own
  16. When you tried to break out of the family cycle, do something different or out of the norm, you were rebuked, seen as a traitor, and criticized
  17. You learned from your family that you are loved when your dependant on them and often feel bad about being your own entity
  18. Respect and love usually meant pain, neglect, hurt, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or a combination of those
  19. At my lowest points I was shown care and love from a family member, but only when your at your lowest
  20. You learned that being sick and broken meant that you were given love, attention, and care
  21. You learned to be dishonest and devious because honesty ended in hurt and retributed

If you have BPD developed it usually is because a family member has Borderline Personality Disorder. Or even another mental illness that a family member had and passed down to you could have evolved into BPD. It is also common for it to be a combination of both being developed through life and genetics.

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