More fun brain stuff!

SO recently I have kind of been on a visit and get all the medical help I should have gotten earlier kick. Today I went to the neurologist, which is loooooong overdue. He said I have PCS (Post concussion syndrome) and that I need to get an EEG, sleep study, and brain MRI. Having leftover concussion stuff is no surprise to me, as my primary care doctor said the same thing. It should be gone soon though!

I was referred to the neurologist from the ENT doctor after they said my ears are fine, but I still have a weird pressure, ringing, and temporary loss of hearing. This was a few months ago but (like most medical things in my life) I put off going to the doctor. My ex had said I should check it out, because one of her acquaintances had the same problem and they went to make sure it wasn’t anything serious as it is a sign of a brain tumor. I am no stranger to MRI scans, as I have had plenty of knee and back issues. If you look at pictures of sleep and EEG tests it looks like your in some sci-fi movie with all the wires hooked up to you.

ANYWAY I hope I do not have anything serious, and there probably isn’t anything, but one can not (as I have learned recently) be too careful.

Ok this has been life updates with meeeeee! I was given a new medication (YAY just add to the collection why don’t you) It was some old anti-depressent but it is now used as something to help with sleep and it starts with a T. I am great at remembering long medical terms lol.

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